Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Perform at 10x Now! - The 10X Application Formula

The time for preparation is over. Good, bad or ugly. Now switch off the preparation mode.
Its time for application.

The performance. The match. The exam.

How to convert our preparation into maximum result?

You are ready - access all preparation
1) First realise that you are fully ready - as you are. There is nothing incomplete. There is nothing more you need to know, Back yourself on all the preparation you put in over the years. Bring that into play. You must now deliver a knockout performance based on what you know.

Only you know what you know best - you are unique
2) Focus on what you know - not on what you do not. Be the expert of what you are saying or doing. Even if it is a small thing, share it with pride and confidence. You know what you know so go ahead and deliver it the best way you can.

Know limitations, set boundaries to reduce errors - keep it under control
3) Organise yourself within what you know. Know your limitations and stay within them. Create space inside the limitations so you know boundaries. This will help reduce errors that come when boundaries are vague.

Organise effort and increase impact - make things happen
4) Build the best from what you have. Connect with the purpose of your action - what are you offering? Why? How can you best connect to the people around you who are listening to you, watching you, reading you. See it from their perspective and build your act around it.

Work on the beginning and the ending - slippery areas
5) Work on the beginning and the ending - they are the areas that require care. That's when you can slip up.

Once you settle in don't relax - go for more
6) Don't be easily satisfied. Keep going. Keep pushing boundaries.

You can, by adopting the above mindsets and processes, apply yourself better and be more confident about things where you feel you are not fully prepared. 10 X Application is about - making no mistakes, working from within limitations to achieve small goals, staying in control, expanding from area of control and pushing goals further each time one sub goal is achieved.

10X Application is possible now. Practice it.

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