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Anjali - An Interview With a 5 Year Old (The one that missed out)

It appears that one of the interviews I had done earlier with Anjali has somehow missed out in all the other stuff. I was looking at her blogs and was surprised to find that we have interviews when she was 4 years, 4 and a half and then we jumped to six and a half. The idea was to do one every six months right? What happened? I am sure I did not forget to interview her for a year and a half.
Cool huh. Though there's more black than grey.
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This is what happened.

I found an old notepad the other day with some scribblings on it. Anjali wanted it. I asked her to tear out the stuff with my scribblings and leave it on my desk. Guess what - it's this interview of a couple of years ago. It must be when she was about 5 - the books and television shows are an indication. (Five and a half - Chasme Baddor was released in April 2013 - makes her five and a half.) Save one six month gap, we seem to have it covered now.

Ok, here goes.

Q. How's life?
A. Good.

Q. What does good mean?
A. Nice. Like life.

Q. What do you like about life?
A. My parents, my brother, my relatives, friends, classmates, principal..

Q. What do you like doing?
A. Playing with my friends, jumping. Even if I get hurt I like playing. Dancing, painting...I like ballet dancing.

Q. What are the things you don't like?
A. Eating vegetables, getting scolded by Mamma, making Mansi upset, sometimes we make each other upset.

Q. What are the things you like to eat?
A. Ice cream, vanilla, cakes, strawberry, chocolates..

Q. What do you like to play with Mansi?
A. Treasure hunt, Ice water, Hide and seek, School school, Mummy Daddy, Bowling, Cricket, Soccer.

Q. What books do you like?
A. A mad, mad, mad, world, Blues Clues, Pepper, Panchatantra, Aesop's fables, Enid Blyton's books

Q. What cartoons do you like?
A. Ninja Hattori, Doaremon, I am telling the shows, not the characters I like okay? Chota Bheem, Chutki in Chota Bheem

Q. Movies?
A. Chashme Baddoor, Lion King, Stuart Little... I like that the most.

Q. Why?
A. Characters...I like them that's all.

Q. Do you like crying or laughing?
A. Laughing...because I am a laugher.

Q. What are the things you'd like to have?
A. Good pants because all my pants and jeans are getting holes, then...then...what else....I would like to have an alarm clock

Q. Why?
A. Because these days school starts early, so if I have an alarm clock I can get up early

Q. What do you like about school?
A. I like studying. Knowledge. Maths. Teachers, friends, Mansi.

Q. Why do you like knowledge?
(She got agitated a bit at this stupid question.)

A. Because if there was no knowledge on earth I would not know anything. So I can grow, learn, talk, how to end sentences, what I don't know. I don't know somethings. I don't know science. I need to know science. I need knowledge to be a scientist, an architect...see you can't write books without knowledge. You can't do anything without knowledge. I love knowledge.

I decided to veer off this topic.

Q. What do you think of nanna?
A. He's so tall, he's like a giant. He always likes to write. he always makes me write in my new books, alway buys me whatever I want. Always he does the same thing, again and again, everyday he spills my medicines, everyday he keeps looking at the computer. I don't undertsand why he goes to the computer.

Q. What about mamma?
A. I dont have words. She's everything. She's a lion to me. Everyday she goes rushing around the home doing everything and...

Q. What do you think about yourself?
A. I like my body, my love, myself, my brains, my thoughts, my feelings and my toys and things...this is what I like about myself.

Q. Who else do you like?
A. Teachers, parents, God

Q. Who is God?
A. You don't know god?

Q. I never saw him.
A. You can't see him. You can feel him.

Q. Can you feel him?
A. I can feel him. He's inside my brain. I can feel.

Q. How does it feel?
A. First tell me who made me. God. Who gave my nose? Mansi. Heart. Parents. See everything god only. Who gave me water? See everything god can only do.

Q. God is good?
A. Yeah, yeah. Now you undertand why he is inside me. He came inside me just to help me.

Q. Will he be inside me?
A. Yes daddy. God is inside everybody. My favorite god is Ganesha.

Q. What is your favorite food?
A. Biryani, khichdi, lollipop, Dairy Milk chocolates, ice pops

Q. If you want to ask god for one thing what would you ask?
A.  I'll ask god to help me in my studies, in my races, in my tough games. I used to ask god only for toys but now I ask only for courage.

Q. Why?
A. Only courage can help me in anything.

Q. How?
A. Courage is my partner. Whenever I have some difficulty only courage is my partner. Courage will help me in everything.

Q. Does anything scare you?
A. Chimu anna comes and shouts and scares me.

Q. What about money? What do you think about it?
A. Helps us live. If we did not have money we cannot eat. How can we buy in Ratnadeep (our super market)? We need lots of money.

Q. How can we get money?
A. If we work.

Q. What is the happiest thing you remember?
A. Mansi.

Q. Do you like interviews?
A. Yes, I like interviews.

Q. You want to add anything?
A. My favorite stories are 3 Billy Goats Gruff, Cinderella, Rapunzel,

Q. One more question. Who makes you laugh?
A. Choudary mam, Mythily atta, Ranjan mama, Mamma, Myself...sometimes I only makes jokes and laugh.

Thus ended this interview. I was impressed with her take on god, courage, knowledge etc. Always something new to learn when I do this interview. I am also so glad I did not lose these papers. Now to check the other notepads and books for some more stuff I might have written.

Thanks Anjali. Once again some illuminating perspectives my friend.

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