Monday, August 25, 2014

The Indian Cricket Team and Its Management

I often wonder how quickly the fortunes of our cricket teams fluctuate. A historic win at Lords and a total collapse after that. Its the kind of stuff that one cannot explain really. The same players and the same management (and perhaps the same girlfriends and wives too) - then why this difference?

One can only blame a lack of standard process when such fluctuations occur. That apart, there is much to suspect the dressing room environment too. I cannot see how things can decline so rapidly otherwise. Whatever the reason, blame must lie entirely with the coaching staff. It is for them to ensure that some level of consistency is maintained and that the preparation of that - skill, physical and mental - is adequate. If they are clueless, they need to get their processes sorted out.

Having said that, knee jerk reactions like changing coaches and bringing in short term measures like appointing a Director show the systems flaws. If you have employed someone, trust them for the tenure. Don't keep hopping around to curry popular support. The question one needs to ask is how did the same team that won at Lords lose so badly later.

It is obvious that the players need take much blame for their performances too. They have been exposed badly. Its time for them to quickly self correct, get their focus back and reorganise themselves as a team to start winning. When the team wins many passengers get carried along. When it loses, even champions get shot. In their own interests they better get things working right.

As for the wives and girl friends theory it is amazing how any one can make these kind of rules where wives are allowed and girlfriends are not. It only reflects again the kind of thinking that can go on.

Anyway, its time to watch the ODIs and see what happens.

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