Thursday, August 14, 2014

And the 1st Champion of the 'Thank You' Experiment has been Spotted!

My month long 'Thank You Experiment' continues. But I am glad to announce that I have found the first champion. Milind Deshpande, of the warmest smiles and a child-like heart,  finally gave me the appropriate answer without complicating the issue too much.

I sent an sms - "Thank You Milind".

Milind replied - "You r welcome. But what is it about Hari?"

Applause, applause, applause. Champion stuff.
Champion Milind with Maya - Retaining the child-like simplicity so well

For the uninitiated my thank you project started a month ago. I randomly pick one or two people I know and send them a simple 'Thank you X' message every other day. I might have sent about 45 thank you sms's so far.

The reactions have been thus.

Category 1
I get a call instantly asking why. Or I get an sms with a question mark, both in category one. The premise is that there is no reason for you to thank me. So if you can, please tell why. Fair enough. I tell them that I am just thanking them for being themselves and being in my life. Some laughed, some were suspicious and some warned me that people will think I am crazy. But they were overall happy. I was happy they called and we could chat about it.

Category 2
I get a call after sometime or they mention it when we meet. Why did you send it? I wanted to ask but forgot. One friend told me that he felt guilty that he forgot some important day and I was being sarcastic. In fact quite a few in this category thought I was being sarcastic.

Category 3
No response. Most in this category thought it was some mistake. Definitely did not bother them enough to check why even. They just trashed it thinking it was not for them. I found this category rather sad. Why would you not even respond?

But what Milind did was what I have been searching for really all these days. A simple response.

A 'Thank you' gets a 'You're welcome'.

And that is about it really.

All we need is some humour, some flexibility, some spontaneity. Some loosening up. Some not looking for motives. Not looking for hidden meanings.

The experiment continues of course. I have many more to thank.

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