Saturday, August 2, 2014

First Time in Indira Park, Hyderabad

Thanks to Anjali, I stepped into the Indira park for the first time in over three decades. For many years it was branded as the 'lighters park' - Hyderabadi for lovers park. One can only assume that we did not venture there in our youth because there was no cause to. Love it seemed, was far away from us.

Competing with the tree
But Anjali took a look and wanted to go in.

A not so beautiful lake with boating
 There is a new gate from the Lower Ramakrishna Mission side and we bought tickets and went in. It was about 5 in the evening and the park was still living up to its reputation one could see - the occassional pair here and there.
A part where there are some sculptures
 It was green, well landscaped but not many benches to sit by.

There is a lake with some boating too.  Nice and green. There is a rose garden or nursery with many roses. But somehow it does not give you that feeling of completeness that some old parks do. Maybe they are tinkering too much with the landscape and walkways and stuff like that instead of leaving the green alone. But worth a walk inside.

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