Thursday, August 14, 2014

Anjali - The Power of Three Boons and the Opposite Machine

This secret, Anjali revealed a few evenings ago.

'I realised we get three boons each day,' she said quietly just before she went to sleep. 'So I ask for the three boons everyday these days. It could be about going to the sand pit at school or anything simple like that.'
Ask three times a day

'Oh,' I said.
That simple huh? Why didn't I ask?

'Then, after the three boons are over, I ask the opposite machine,' she said. 'That's because after the three boons are given, we start getting the opposite of what we ask. So we ask for the opposite of what we want. I realised that after asking a few times.'

I don't know about the opposite machine but the three boons a day seems like a powerful tool. Imagine you having three boons that you could ask for every day. What a fine space your mind can be in, if it asks for the best outcome thrice a day. Fantastic. I started using it yesterday and realised that I could only use one boon, which indicates how conditioned my mind is really. My one boon was granted too!

I asked her if I could share this information on the blog because many people could ask for these three boons. She said she was shy on day one. But yesterday she agreed. So go ahead and ask for your three boons each day all ye.

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