Friday, August 29, 2014

Anjali - Where Do We Get the Honey From

'How do we get the honey from the bees nanna?' asked Anjali.
'You have to drive them away from the beehive,' I said. 'Or else they will sting you.'
Live and let live

'So what do they do to drive them away?' she asked.
'I have seen them light a fire under the hive which smokes the bees away. Then they get the hive and the honey from it.'

Anjali was indignant when she heard that.
'Hey, that's so unfair. You drive away someone from their home and the steal their stuff from their home. It's so unfair.'

So it is. I shrugged. What to do.

But there's a way the Taoists say, which is the ideal way of making a living. Make it like the bee they say which does not hurt the flower to take its honey. Something to learn for us about doing things without infringing and hurting others and the environment.

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