Sunday, August 31, 2014

Celebrity - Movie Review

Continuing the Woody Allen series on the rainy weekend, I saw 'Celebrity' last night. Woody stays out of the acting and that makes the movie a tad serious because he can make the most serious role funny. Anyway the irony of the situation, which is his trademark way of story telling comes through - the wannabe celebrity husband (Kenneth Brannagh) who leaves his school teacher wife (Judy Davis) in search of celebritydom through his novels, screenplays, meeting celebrities etc finds himself going nowhere while she becomes a celebrity as she takes her chances in life.

I remember another movie of Allen's (was it "You will meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger"?) that has a similar theme. Celebrity gives a peek into lives of celebrities and we see ageing celebrities, young studs, TV stars and so on and on with their quirks and madnesses and the lives they lead. But the story is about the estranged wife and husband who end up in lives they do not expect finally - he by struggling too hard and being dishonest and she by being open to life and taking her chances. Leonardo Dicaprio, Winona Ryder, Donald Trump. Melanie Griffith and a ton of others play either themselves or celebrity roles and pep the movie up.

Not his usual dose of humour but enough to keep it interesting.

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