Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Anjali - What You Choose To Do, A Poem

I am not sure if this poem is an indication of things to come. Some independent streak breaking through was my first reaction. Anyway Anjali read this new poem out to me, left the paper on my desk and went away without a second glance at it.
'They call me a poet at school,' she confessed later. Now where did that come from.

There's a poet somewhere there
Here then, this very interestingly titled poem by Anjali.

Poet - Anjali P. 

If you're still choosing what to do
Everyone will do it too

If you want to do some art
First you make it start

If you dance around
But not on the ground

If your going to sing a song
First you have to ding-dong

If your going to do water sports
First drive a motor boat

If your going to be a hunter
First learn to kill a Tiger

The essence seems to be to get started and not go on taking about it. Action is the buzz word here. Also seems to be a solid sense of 'my life, my choice' going by the title and the wide variety of stuff she is planning to do. All stuff that I could do well to follow myself.

Original ms
Anyway, God bless you my dear and you get to do exactly what you choose to do. With the kind of drive this poem has towards action, I have no doubt you will do what you choose to do.


Jayasrinivasa Rao said...

Dear Anjali...that is a very nice poem...and I think is a good beginning...the poem shows a lot of sureness in its approach, the rhymes are novel, especially, art-start, sing a song-ding dong...I liked the confident "poet - Anjali P" at the beginning... please continue writing poems, dear...I sure would like to read...

Dear Hari...I like your Anjali posts immensely...thanks...


Harimohan said...

dear jai uncle thanks for the compliment

Thanks Jai.