Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our Own Power Plants in Hyderabad

Ever since the formation of the new state of Telangana we, we have become self-sufficient as individuals. We generate our own power. The power in my house goes off at 630 in the morning - and starts the day off on a dark note. The power comes back at 830 by which time we have shaved, bathed, clothed, cooked and eaten. The next hit comes at 1230 pm, just after noon and once again we are hurrying to get most errands done before power comes back at 230 pm. Sometimes our errands are fruitless because power has gone off there as well. But the discipline the power cuts bring into our lives is amazing.
My own power plants

Most people look at me and ask why I don't have an inverter. I don't see why I should have an inverter when I am paying all kinds of stuff to have power delivered at home. Now the above two mentioned times are not the only ones. Today power went off at 1030 am, 1130 am, 330 pm and came back only at 7 pm. Power comes and goes when it wants.

So for the past month or so my two candles have given me great support and solace in the morning hours. They give me light and direction, hope and joy. I noticed sadly that they were  slowly fading out of my life after having provided such wonderful service. I cannot just forget them like that can I?

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