Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Anjali - When We're Equal, We're Happy

Anjali put a lot of effort into her chart with plants, herbs, shrubs, trees etc.
'I took half an hour to cut the pictures, another half an hour to paste them and another half an hour to write their names and draw pictures,' she told me while going to school.

In the car Shobha asked her how she'd feel if everyone bought really beautiful charts, each one as good as the other, including hers. 

Anjali pondered over the question for a while.
'What is there? We'll feel happy when they do something nice na,' she concluded.

Then she said something interesting.
'When we're all equal, we'll feel happy na,' she said.

That got me thinking. Where then do these inequalities come in our minds? We all have the same life and we choose our lives and what to do with them. The one who has wealth may not have something else, and the one who has leisure may not have something else. Or best of all, the one who may have nothing at all may feel he has everything else.

In our mind we all can be equal. In our mind we all can be happy knowing that we are equal. I think I should explore this aspect with her a little more.

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