Thursday, August 21, 2014

Michael Kristoff's Questionnaire to Help Create Company Slogan

 These are some questions that every business might want to answer to get its communications and marketing strategy right. The questions are from the following link by Michal Kristoff.
Michael Kristoff says that the goal of this worksheet is to help make the process of creating your company slogan easy.  The answers help to focus and define the exact benefits your service or products offer your customers. 
1) What does your company do? (You have created a product - what specially can you offer?)

2) What image or personality do you want to convey? (Conservative, avant garde, trendy, intellectual, trustworthy, knowledgeable, relaxed, prosperous? Corporate look and feel = trustworthy+relaxed+prosperous)

3) Who is your target audience? Whom are we talking to? (Age, race, gender, income etc)

4) What do they currently think? (In conjunction to what they do already? Is there a flaw, difficulty or road block that keeps them from purchasing or trying your product or service?)

5) What would you like them to do? (A sentence written from the consumer perspective, encapsulating the single most important thought you want your consumer to have about your product or service)

6)  What is the single most persuasive idea you can convey? (what is the barrier or problem the slogan must communicate. It can be a product problem a market problem, an image problem - but it is always a problem that your slogan can help address. The problem is either the high cost of ingredients, federal regulations, distribution or low ad budget)

7) Why should they believe it? (What is your unique selling point  - point of difference? There must be some sort of benefit to the end user - even in broad terms. eg It makes their job easier etc)

8) Who is your competition? (A clear, crisp statement of the area in which your product will do battle for the prospects attention/ retention / behavior?)

9) What are they doing? How do they present themselves? (Review what your competition is doing. How are they positioned? What are they saying? What is the benefit their product or services are offering?)

It is a questionnaire that is immensely helpful. The more we know about the benefits we are offering to our customers, the better we can communicate what we do to them. Thanks Michael Kristoff.

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