Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thought For The Day - What Makes Me, Me

It was an interesting experience. When asked to pen down all that one had achieved, acquired in terms of skills, qualifications, name and fame - most respondents became despondent. I was surprised. These are facts. They include many compliments, things that they think they are good at etc. Nothing what they wrote was bad. So why were they despondent?
Courtesy Anjali Paruvu
I went to lunch wondering why we are so. What is it about ourselves that makes us feel so empty (the emptiness within us, is it?) What makes us really, if not all this? What makes us happy?

I was pondering over it at lunch and doodling with a pen and paper. I decided to strike off the stuff we had acquired one by one until it left nothing but an empty sheet. Perhaps a dot, because we still exist.

I did the same thing in class and asked them whether the dot still had all the power available to it to achieve big things, the biggest things we can conceive. The answer was an obvious YES. That was good to know. We have something deep down there that has the potential. What it is we must find out or know to use ourselves best. To feel happy about ourselves.

That core, that dot is what makes us what we are. Whatever it is, it can take us where we want to go. But for that we must examine it, find out what it is, how we can use it.

The process of finding out begins with you. Only you can find out what it is, what it means to you. If that dot appears useless, all will be useless. If you think you have something going with it, you could use it to take yourself places. You could, add all the other knowledge that you have and do better than most others.

It will come down to this. In that big circle of what we may represent, known and unknown. if we wipe the slate clean and only look at the core, that dot, its a good place to begin. I can handle it. I will take responsibility for it. I will do it whatever it takes. All this will come from that source - the dot. Nothing is beyond you after that.

Focus on that dot and make sense of it. What is it for you? What can you make with that core within you? Take your focus off all the emptiness around you. That is not your concern.

Focus on what you have, not what you don't have.

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