Monday, December 23, 2013

Be Patient With The Aam Aadmi Party

Now that the phenomenal story of the Aam Aadmi Party (I did like Kalpana Sharma's adding another A - the Aam Aadmi Aurat Party) has come true with Arvind Kejriwal holding the reins, it's time now for a quick reality check. The people must be patient with this AAP, because they will make mistakes. Make no mistake about that - it is a naïve and young party led by ideals which is the best kind, but what they need from the people is a reasonable amount of time, patience and most importantly, people participation in helping it achieve its goals.

Be Patient
AAP will be forced to make mistakes by the mischievous old campaigners they have to face day in and day out - the two main parties that suffered because of it. They will make life difficult surely. But that's okay. Instead of playing the game as dictated by the others, Arvind Kejriwal and team must remain focused on the end outcome, what they actually came to power for and stick to the bare facts. Ideally they should not get swayed nor lose focus. Keep it simple and straight.

If I were Arvind Kejriwal I'd reassess my priorities quickly and this is what I'd do.

1) Focus on the 10 biggest issues that will make a qualitative difference to the people's lives
2) Refrain from falling for symbolic issues that yield nothing for the common man
3) Stay in touch with the grass roots
4) Keep focus on the outcomes, not get swayed by distractions
5) Save energies on work instead of getting into a war of words with the opposition
6) Take a weekly check on the progress, no more, no less - in the end its not about intentions, its about results
7) Don't fight all battles, pick and choose the battles that impact society the most, let the others go
8) Don't engage in needless vendetta, its pointless
9) Don't try and change the world, make the changes you'd like to see the most to begin with
10) You have the power, now use it

and most importantly


Arvind Kejriwal and his team needs to smile a lot more if he wants to make a difference to people. In fact leaders must understand that their pictures effect the state of the nation - if they look serious and burdened it makes the people wary and worried too. It is important for the leaders to smile and say - we can handle that and a lot more as well. So please start smiling, start doing and start using those brooms of yours to good effect.

People Participation Is a Must
As for the people of Delhi they must now get more involved and participate more since they have brought their own party to power. They must ensure that their success does not go in waste. Already we hear Sheila Dixit foreseeing dark futures for the AAP. Don't let that happen. Don't wait and watch as you did all this time - get that broom stick out and do what you wanted to. If nothing, this government should not stop you from cleaning our the stables.

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