Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How To Be A Good PR Manager - Dr. C.V. Narasimha Reddi

I listened to Mr. Reddi's talk. He is a highly erudite and accomplished man. I found his small 50 page booklet very helpful in terms of pointers to doing a good Public Relations job.

I liked the way he started his booklet focusing on what made a good manager, citing from a study by Rosemary Stewart on the common characteristics of successful managers. These characteristics include - willingness to work hard, perseverance and determination, willingness to take risks, ability to inspire enthusiasm, toughness, management skill, interpersonal skill and technical skills. 85% of what makes a good manager is attributed to interpersonal (read attitudinal) and 15% to technical knowledge.

Coming to PR he lists the top 10 things that PR people do. These include planning, managing, relationship management, organizing, writing, editing, publishing, speaking, researching and training. He addresses these in detail which is interesting reading in itself.

H again springs 5 characteristics of a professional as listed by J.E. Grunig and Hunt in their book 'Managing Public Relations' which are - a set of professional values, membership in a strong organization, adherence to professional norms, established body of knowledge and technical skills.
This could apply to any professional I guess and all young managers could take these seriously.

The 10 commandments of PR campaigns are listed as - research, identification of problem, setting objectives, identifying the target audience, action plans, PR programs, media strategy, budgeting, communication or implementation and evaluation.

Another fine illustration is the multi-media umbrella model of PR campaigns, Action plan messages and Media mix. These include Newspapers (press releases, features, rejoinders, letters to the editor, press conferences, press tours, press kit, specialised news), Corporate publications (books, pamphlets, folders, handbooks, house magazine, annual reports, calendars, greeting cards, pictorial publications, direct mail, posters), Photographs (news photos, features, product photos, photos for tv, publications, exhibitions ads), TV and Radio (News documentaries, feature commercial spots, interviews, panel discussions, talks, specialised audiences, public service announcements), Film (Documentaries, PR films, Ad films, News magazines, Film strips, Tele films, Cinema slides, cinema houses, video), IT Mass Media (Internet, mail, websites, weblogs, news releases, DVDs), Advertising (press ads, radio ads, TV ads, corporate ads, institutional ads, public service ads, outdoor hoardings, electronic ads), Exhibitions (trade fairs, exhibitions - rural, industrial, bulletin boards), Traditional media (songs, dances, drama, street plays, puppet shows) and Interpersonal media (public meetings, group discussions, round table, panel discussions, conferences, seminars, open house)

The booklet ends with a profile of some of the great PR professionals in India and the US -

Obviously there is much to be done if you are in PR. Tonnes of good information in a 50 page booklet. If you are a PR manager or someone looking to promote a product, take a look and get going.

Dr. Reddi has over four decades of experience in PR practice and teaching. The book has been published by CVN Public Relations Foundation, House of Public Relations, Hyderabad. Dr. Reddi may be reached through the publication house number 040-2374 5549.

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