Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thought for the Day - Push Yourself To Understand the Mechanics of Your Mind

In many ways it does seem rather stupid to keep pushing oneself mindlessly and torturing oneself. Why push? Why not chill? Life ought to be easy my friend. It must flow like a river, like water.

I agree it must. But I guess we must also experience the intensity, the sheer physicality of effort once in a while if nothing but to understand the mechanics of the mind.

How does it start any process, what does it label it as, what are the limits it has set, what are the compromises it has made, what are the beliefs that guide it, how does it try to abort the process, how does it allow the process to happen, where does it convince itself that it has done enough, how and what helps it dig into deeper levels of strength to go on beyond the normal, where does it find the focus to rise above, to set new standards....

All this and more can be understood by watching the mind and its ways, its mechanics and its tantrums. And the best place to do it is when you push it beyond normal limits, beyond comfort zones. It will yell and squeal like a baby - but you must be firm, you must cajole, you must even fool it sometimes (just here, one second).

Once you know how to deal with it, one way or another, softly or harshly, you can go beyond it and reach deep down into great reserves of strength and focus, concentration and stillness. You will find tremendous clarity and conviction. You will find that you are capable of anything and everything.

The mind is not your master anymore, it is your pliant accomplice. instead of fighting you, it will now help you find greater treasures, bigger reserves.

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