Sunday, December 22, 2013

Husbands and Wives - Movie Review

Could not sleep last night and started watching this Woody Allen movie. Husbands and wives is a 1992 film and was apparently made around the time his relationship with Mia Farrow ended (over his relationship with Mia's step daughter Soo Yi Previn, now Woody's wife). Funnily the movie seems to be focusing on the issues the couple would have faced.

A couple (Pollack and Judy Davis), on a dinner date with another pair (Woody and Mia), announce their decision to split, evoking extreme reactions from the other couple. While discussing their marriages both couples realize that all couple want to be alone for a while and all people who want to be alone sometimes decide to get back into their relationship again. So the first pair splits up, finds that life outside marriage is not so great and hook up again. The second pair, Allen and Mia split up by the end of the movie. Allen's character has an affair or at least he kisses his young student. In the end they all live their lives as drab and boring as ever.

It's ok. Nothing about it that made me go Wow! Scenes of confrontations between the lover and the ex-husband brought back vague memories. Have I seen this before? Would I watch this again? No. Would you want to watch it? By all means do, it might make more sense if you're having marriage issues.

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