Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thought for the Day - How To Know If You're Giving Your 100%

What is 100% in any effort? How do I recognize it? (100% in this context is 100% involvement in what one is doing.)

I think I got a clue today while walking this morning.

One way to find 100% is by cranking up the involvement in the work that you are doing to such a level that all other thoughts vanish. At 100% your mind will be fully occupied by thoughts of the present work and nothing else. So, at 10% your mind will be full of thoughts, at 100% you will be full of the act.

Even if it is thinking, 100% must be that way. Full focus on the job at hand to the extent that no distracting thought enters.

For example, a new driver will be fully alert and fully alive or at 100%. He  or she cannot afford to be distracted by other thoughts. An experienced driver also achieves the same amount of involvement by challenging himself on several parameters and seeking perfection in those.

While walking today, I decided to crank up my regular speed (slow, full of thoughts) and challenge myself against one of the faster walkers. lo presto, as  my speed increased I could see my thoughts zeroing down from all unnecessary thoughts and merge into the act. At the peak speed, I was not in a position to think at all and was totally in the act.

Total concentration. Full focus. Fully in the act.


Go try.

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