Friday, December 27, 2013

Sleepers - Movie Review

I saw this movie long ago on TV and did not realize it until I was 15 minutes into the  video. But it seemed to make more sense now so I continued watching it. The story of four high spirited boys from Hell's Kitchen who get into a juvenile home for an accidental death and who get abused by the sadistic prison guards. They grow up scarred and go different ways until two of them see the one guard who abused them the most and shoot him in cold blood. The other two team up and in time they get these two off the hook by fighting the case legally and also demolish the other three guards in different ways. It's a revenge story and one of the kids loves reading 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.

The star cast is to die for. Brad Pitt, Robert Di Nero, Dustin Hoffman, Jason Patric, Kevin Bacon, Minnie Driver are the names that come to mind. Gripping. Its based on a novel by Lorenzo Carcaterra by the same name. The author claims that it is a true story and that names and places have been changed, which has been challenged by many. What is it with these books and movies - first I saw Papillon and now this. 

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