Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thought for the Day - Reduce The Gap Between Thought and Action

An important part of how and why things happen or don't happen in our lives I think is because of this - the crucial gap between our thoughts and our actions.

If the gap between our thought (I'd like to eat that fruit) and the action (I will go and get that) is much, then we are always in the realm of wanting, unhappiness too perhaps. I suspect we would end up being philosophers, writers and the like if we stay in this state - those who like to deal with their own world of thoughts and private creations.

If the gap between the thought and action is almost zero, we are probably in the best state. Though we may make a few mistakes, we are better off than making no mistakes at all. These may become men and women of action and lead, fight, change the world for better or worse - but certainly they will not hold back, participating in the real world.

I'd recommend the second option always, of quick action behind thought, though I myself belong to the first sect - clinging on to the safety if the idea until the moment is lost. But it might help to be aware that we can reduce that gap in small things first and then move on. The good thing about this approach is that we hone our instinct, we hone our decision making powers, we hone the capacity to make good decisions quickly, and whatever happens we are growing and experiencing. For those who may argue that it may be foolish to jump into action quickly and without thinking, I must say that since the action follows the thought there will be thinking. But what will happen is that thinking will get better and quicker if we try to consciously reduce the gap.

Try it with the fruit first. Then a list of all the small things that have made the thought grade but not the action grade. And then - into the bigger decisions.

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