Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Write it down, Make it Happen – Henriette Anne Klauser

Read ‘Write it down, make it happen’ by Henriette Anne Klauser (who also wrote two other books ‘Put your heart on paper’ and ‘Writing on both sides of the brain’). I found the title intriguing and since it was recommended by Vinod, read it all in one go on the recent train journey. The book has a simple enough premise – want something, write it down. Henriette urges everyone to write what they want, to think big. She gives plenty of examples of people who have written things down and made it happen. For example, Jim Carrey, who wrote down a cheque with his name on it for ten million dollars for ‘services rendered’ when he first went to Hollywood. Apparently Carrey kept that cheque with him through the successful part of his career when he commanded twenty million per film. That then, is the power of writing it down.

Henriette says that there are really no rules to this except that one must write. And fast. She advises you not to linger even when what you write seems improbable. But write – in journals, on pieces of paper, in short notes, in long story form, in lists, in points, as letters, as prayers, as tidbit journals – but write and write. Early morning writing is best.

One thing about writing (and I fully agree with this) is that it adds clarity to the mind. It helps you know what you want. It helps in setting goals and giving some shape to them. She tells how by writing letters to the partner one visualized for years (as if he were already there), one of her clients actually made it a reality. 

There is a case for writing down things as if they have already happened and feeling the joy of receiving it. There are two different things – wanting something and being ready to receive it. By getting into the feeling part as if you have already received it, you are on your way to receiving it. Proven method and well worth a try. When you write in present tense as if it is reality, you do not just deal with the ‘what’ but with the ‘why you need it’ as well. 

One thing that blocks you from receiving what you want is the fear and feeling that surround it. On addressing fears and feelings, Henriette says that one could write down the fears and feelings as they come up and you will know the answer to the fears. Once you write down what you want, write down the fears that come up with them - until they go pop. You can also write down all the bad stuff that comes up in your mind – your worries, fears and doubts. Just write yourself through the fears and feelings and all feelings of being stuck disappear.

 Henriette asks you to be specific and definite as you write for what you want. She asks you to hold on to what you want in the mind without sabotaging it with your thoughts and fears. Also write about the outcome  so you stay focused on it. Some people script their daily lives ahead of the day and make that happen. A list of intentions is best written down every day.

One suggestion Henriette gives which I found interesting is to write near moving water as moving water causes ideas to flow. Streams, showers, fountains etc help.

Once you commit to wanting something and are willing to write it down, she asks you to take a small action towards realising that dream. Take the initiative. Ask yourself what you can do to help your cause and do it. Like making the call, writing a letter, asking someone for help, booking your tickets etc. Your intention and belief that it could happen is important.

Another point she makes is that you could collect compliments and write them down – compliments she says are like money in the bank. And she asks you to make a list of all the accomplishments in your life that make you feel good. While at that she also asks you to conquer childhood blocks by making incremental achievements on what are perceived as blocks. For example a game, a physical action, an enjoyment of something that scared you etc. 

A support group is extremely necessary she says. It is important to feel supported and to have a cheering squad. Ideally the group should ask the following questions – What will you do next? By when? When will you return and report? Write to god she says, of praise and thanks. And of things you need answers to. She also writes about the importance of giving thanks for all the blessings in your life. And she says we ought to send thanks in writing to people we are thankful to. I agree.

Resistance could have its own meaning. So write about what you think is blocking you. Write down the reasons. Some rituals around the art of writing help so you can choose your own ritual. A part of the ritual could be letting go of the attachment to what you want which makes it easier to a create neutral space to receive it.

She gives the example of clearing the closet which I found interesting as well. Mark the contents of your wardrobe on a scale of ten. Ten is stuff you’ll never wear and one is what you would definitely wear. All that is greater than three to be discarded right then, she says. Clearing up stuff creates space for the new. She also talks of writing stuff on little pieces of paper and disposing of them one by one. As for breakdown she says they are signs of everything coming together. Breakdowns are good!

I generally agree with what Henriette says. The big hassle is most people don’t like writing. To me however writing is a nice and therapeutic way of gathering my thoughts. In fact to me writing, or putting pen to paper itself, is a way of being honest with oneself. You cannot fool yourself when you write to yourself. Also, writing is all about getting it clear in the mind. You can obfuscate your thought process but not the written word. (Which is why writing is difficult because it forces you to think.) Lists, stories, journals, I agree with all she says. Intentions always have a power that has been proven many times over. Affirmations, writing as if you have received it, and feeling the emotions are all proven techniques of manifesting a reality you want. It improves your consciousnesss and prepares your ability to receive what you wanted.

Whether you believe it or not, write anyway. It leaks away your tensions, brings clarity and if things happen, that’s wonderful. I have had good experiences with lists, worksheets and stuff like that. Tick them off and be surprised at how many came true, some without your knowing. 

Henriette is the President of Writing Resources and gives presentations and facilitates workshops on goal setting, writing and relationships building. It is an interesting book, easy to read and the message is simple, get started on writing right away. Write now!

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