Monday, May 14, 2012

Johnny English Reborn - Movie Review

This 2011 Rowan Atkinson movie is a spoof on James Bond and all British super spy movies. Atkinson is Johnny English, the disgraced British spy who works for MI7, and who was chief of security when an assassination takes place in Mozambique as he is led away by a pretty young thing.

Johnny English is regaining his lost self esteem and power through some rigorous and rather unconventional training in Tibet when he gets a call to report to MI7 in London. Armed with the knowledge that he is not young but older and wiser, Johnny English meets Pegasus who assigns him a job of finding out a plot to assassinate the Chinese premier. Johnny uncovers the plot with his trusted  aide Tucker and the psychologist Kate Summers and after a series of episodes finally nabs the mole within MI7 - his colleague Simon Ambrose. All's well and that ends well for Johnny English as he is called to the Buckingham Palace to be knighted. But Johnny English finds that the killer who dresses as a maid is wearing the same clothes as the Queen and...we don't know if gets his knighthood finally.

There are enough gags to keep you laughing but still Johnny English Reborn is not as funny as it could have been perhaps. I liked the gag when he goes to meet the Prime Minister to brief him on the status where the chair keeps going up and down. Atkinson is fun and I do wish some of the gags were not as predictable as they were. Watch it for Atkinson and for some good fun. Not right up there but it has enough to keep you satisfied.

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