Monday, May 28, 2012

The Hyderabad Diaries May 28, 2012

It is hot in Hyderabad. If anyone has an option to stay elsewhere, go there.

The petrol prices are among the highest in the country. Second only to Bengaluru if I am not mistaken.

There is a bandh today because Jagan Mohan Reddy has been arrested. High drama for the next few days. But despite all this, the news is that Jagan will be our next CM. Such a young CM could well be the PM in a few years! All through his questioning the police cordoned off the entire Raj Bhavan road from Somajiguda to Khairtabad. Can you believe it? But then the Congress it seems is doing all it can to make him the next CM. I won't be surprised if they all gang up finally!

Wherever you hear there is word that Jagan is the next CM of Andhra Pradesh. I would be shocked earlier but now I am not. I know it's a reflection of the times we live in, of the kind of consciousness we all have. Jagan merely reflects us and our aspirations, our values and beliefs.

I love the way our politicians keep changing parties and loyalties. Not because of principles and beliefs - they do it because they feel they get more money or power. How shamelessly they can do it is what amazes one. Right now, despite the fact that the YSRCP head is in deep trouble with his arrest on charges of rampant corruption in his father's regime, Congress leaders are queuing up to join his party. So much for moral fibre. But who is talking of moral fibre anyway these days.

I am most intrigued and highly sympathetic by the deaths we have in support of a leader or a cause.  When Jagan Mohan Reddy was being questioned I saw reports of a few people dying at the hardships of their leader. Could they have a better way of expressing their support? One cannot help but feel that these deaths are a way of getting the leader to visit their home in the hope of some help and assistance to the family.

What happened to the Telangana issue? Perhaps it is too hot now to think about it. Once the winds blow cool the agitation will commence again - at the opportune time. Right now everyone is cool.

I pick the paper and find that almost everyone in the first page to the sports page is linked to some scandal or the other. From politicians in jail, to those facing arrest, to murders, match fixing, drug abuse, plain abuse - our role models are crumbling.

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