Monday, May 28, 2012

Bisla Does the Star Turn - KKR Wins

There's something about the unpredictable guys. All along, before KKR started its mammoth chase, Sunil Gavaskar kept saying that Manvinder Bisla could be a handful and that he has the strokes that can take the game away. And so the soft spoken and clear headed Bisla proved to be, striking brilliant cricketing shots, save for the one odd reverse sweep, knocking Ashwin out of the firing line, and having CSK gasping for breath every over. Kallis realised that all he needs to do is hang around and just kept giving the strike back to Bisla who was phenomenal. He should have got a hundred for the way he played after Gambhir got out. I liked what Bisla said after the game - "I was not thinking of anything" - which meant he was in the present moment.

CSK did everything right but the desire to win amongst the KKR team was much higher. Wasim Akram kept saying that this team sticks together throughout the tournament which is great for a team that wants to win and it showed. Of course Shahrukh cheered through the ups and downs and there was one heartbreaking moment when his daughter Suhana could not handle it anymore in the last few overs and clung to her father. In that one moment, I, who was pretty detached from the match till then, wished that the KKR team pulls through for the sake of keeping that little girl's dreams and illusions alive. And I am glad they did. Dhoni was unflappable as ever and surely CSK did everything they could - it was just a case of who wanted to win it more badly. Sometimes emotion and feelings can work over cold blooded precision!

Shahrukh's joy at the end (Shakib said, 'I think he has gone mad) was ample proof of how much they wanted to win and I would not be surprised if some tears were shed later at the accomplishment of this huge win. Well done KKR and everyone in their support staff who got a lot of flak over the years. I liked what Shahrukh said - that while trying to show how to win he learnt many things. It was nice and in keeping with his stature, intelligence and wisdom that he apologised to the kids and to everyone for his behaviour at the MCA in television. Greatness sometimes is in acknowledging your mistakes and you grower bigger for having the humility and grace to accept that and to seek forgiveness. I hope that the MCA also will find it in their heart to forgive and forget and get over it.

I do wish that the BCCI mandarins smile a bit more when they come on television. They all look like they are heavily burdened with some secrets and the smallest smiles will spill some of those secrets or jewels I know not which. All said and done it was a final that was worth waiting for, a new Champion, and new heroes. Great stuff. Well done IPL and now we, the fans, have to find new things to do in the evenings.

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