Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HCA Announces Pension for First Class Cricketers

The Hyderabad Cricket Association has finally announced a pension plan for first class cricketers who have played less than twenty five matches for Hyderabad last week. The players who have played more than twenty five games have been enjoying pensions announced by the BCCI for a few years now while those who played less than the magic number of 25 were left at the mercy of their respective associations. Some associations dealt with this issue quickly and announced a decent pension while some dilly dallied. HCA announced it last week.

Two segments were made - one of less than 10 matches and another from 10-25. The word is that players who played 1-9 games will be eligible for R. 3500 and players who played 10-24 matches for Hyderabad will be eligible for Rs. 5000.

It is a fine gesture by the HCA because there are about 60 first class cricketers  from Hyderabad who fall in this bracket. I know at least two gentlemen who have played 24 games and served Hyderabad greatly - Nagesh Hammand and my friend Zakir Hussain. One felt for people like them who missed it by a whisker but even people like me who have played a few games for Hyderabad feel proud to be recognised and to be compensated for our services (even if they were small contributions).

Who says cricket does not pay? Well done HCA! And now to go and get that pension work going!


Madhav said...

How many matches did you play for Hyderabad?

Harimohan said...

Seven matches.