Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thought for the Day - Living the Outcomes

In many books and videos of the nature of 'The Secret' I have found the mantra to receive what you ask for to be this. Ask for what you want with all the passion and experience of already having received what you asked for! What it means is that if I asked for a BMW, I ought to be asking for it in the present tense and feeling the exhilaration or feelings that accompany the actual act of driving my new BMW. When I first heard this and saw it on 'The Secret' my sceptical mind popped up and killed the idea totally. Asking for things is fine but behaving like I actually got them - how foolish I thought. What purpose does is serve anyway?
Pic: Beach at Mahabalipuram, courtesy Shobha

But when I was explaining this concept to an obdurate group, my best teachers, the other day, I found myself telling them that if we were looking at career advancement it pays to be in the state of living the outcome. Instead of cribbing about our life here and now, dressing sloppily, behaving casually and so on, it might help to start living the outcome of the promotion now. Dress as you would if you got the promotion, behave as you would if you got the promotion, work as you would if you got the promotion. (Of course one is hoping that the idea of a promotion means more responsibility and more responsible behaviour and better work ethics). Okay, so what happens other than a small change in wardrobe, one may ask.

Chances are that by getting into that state of living the outcome you set many things in motion. In your mind, by dressing up for the part, you have sent a clear directive to the subconscious mind that you are now ready to get that promotion. This is the first act of responsibility from your side. Normally this is accompanied by the environment respecting you and your intention instantly. You place more responsibility on yourself what with your new expectations. With all these things happening it is certain that your work ethic improves, your performance improves and most importantly - your deservability to accept what you asked for improves.  

Whatever it is that you want then, take the first step to living the outcome of what you want. It could be symbolic - as simple as dressing up for the part to more meaningful symbols of what the outcome means to you. A cricketer wishing to play international cricket ought to dress, behave, train, behave and carry the kit that any cricketer playing the next level would, and then the next level and so on. Those who think poverty thoughts could spend on themselves, by treating themselves to those things that make them feel prosperous (small things which get the meaning across to yourself - and not wild spending beyond your means.) By living the outcome now, you are preparing yourself to receive what you want. So get started and start living the outcome - with whatever it is that you want.

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Rajendra said...

I think this works in sane and sensible people, but may have some unforeseen consequences in say, the criminally inclined. Aspirations beyond means have led to crimes from very unlikely quarters- students for example.