Friday, May 18, 2012

Most Dangerous IPL Batsmen to Bowl to

If I were a bowler I'd be really worried about bowling length balls or over pitched balls to these batsmen. Here the danger is all about physical danger - the ball can knock your head off in your follow through, fracture your leg or hand and cause serious damage to softer parts. Bowlers should seriously think of having protection in certain areas when bowling to these batsmen.

1) M.S. Dhoni: The batspeed and the power of his forearms makes the ball coming straight off the Dhoni blade the most dangerous. More so because he hits dead straight at your face.

2) Albie Morkel: Another guy who hits the ball so hard that its difficult to get out of the way the CSK all rounder hit Kohli for a 27 run ball over which gave CSK an unlikely win that game..

3) Ross Taylor: He winds up and smashes the ball as hard as anyone as Harshal Patel found out in the match yesterday. One of those whose timing and bat speed make all the difference.

4) Andre Russel: The man is built like a bull and hits is long and hard. What's dangerous is that he hits straight too.

5) Kieron Pollard: He hits the ball really hard and mostly finds some elevation on it which makes him safer for the bowlers. But if the balls headed for you, there's no time to pray.

6) Adam Gilchrist: The ball leaves his bat faster than most and if its headed in your direction its not a good thing to be happening. He is still a dynamite when he packs that punch.

7) David Warner:Though he prefers the offside a bit I'd still like to be clear of the ball when Warner hits it cleanly and as hard as anyone in the business.

8) Chris Gayle: He hits it hard but luckily he hits it into orbit and not flat at you so you are safe. The ball will keep disappearing into the stands though.

9) AB de Villiers:  One more from the hard hitting pack and his timing can make it difficult to judge his speed.

10) Brendon McCullum: Hard hitting batsman from KKR who dances down the pitch at every given opportunity. Hits the ball hard.

11) Virender Sehwag: Times the ball so well that it gets difficult to get out of the way. Still Sehwag's shots pierce the gaps in the field and are not murderous like Dhoni's who can pierce through the person.

12) Yusuf Pathan: Even on an off day the ball flies off the blade of the huge Pathan. But he has this gift of timing and if he finds it, his timing and power can make life miserable for any bowler pitching up to him.

Good luck bowlers and be safe.

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