Friday, May 25, 2012

CSK vs Delhi Daredevils - CSK is my bet

I have said it before and I say it again. There's some magic potion that MSD infects his team with and its called belief. Somehow they know when the time comes, they will pull it off. For just a while MSD looked jaded but he has got his familiar belief about him again and at just the right time. Will Delhi be able to pull it off against CSK? Tough I'd say.

Delhi will not go down without a fight. Sehwag will to his best to bat well and long and so will the rest of his awesome batting line up. But they will be up against a strategically superior and wily skipper and a bunch of confident, professionals who will keep surprising them every now and by the time they realise it, the match will be beyond their reach if they do not play this game strategically.  If Delhi goes in on past performances and hoping that things will work out and play without a plan, they are gone. But if they have a plan and preparation they have the firepower to surprise the CSK.

The only way they can get themselves into the game is to bat CSK out by getting a 200 plus. To do that Sehwag, Warner need to get off to dream starts, playing correct shots and avoiding traps set by Dhoni. Mahela needs to play till the end and the support cast needs to contribute. 200 would be a tough ask but then I would think that is the only way to pile up the pressure on the rather brittle CSK batting side. Sehwag needs to get his bowlers to bowl to a plan and to constantly be in touch with them to see they are on as per plan. Morkel, Umesh, Aaron need supportive captains as they are still not high on belief at this crunch level and Irfan Pathan needs to show the way with his bowling.

If Delhi Daredevils get their strategy right, it will be an interesting game. If they don't improve on strategy and tactics, they are as good as gone. Delhi to bat first and get 190-200 if it has to Delhi's way. If CSK bats first and gets 170, they should be through.

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