Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thought for the Day - Your Life as an Advertisement

This should interest the wannabe film makers and ad merchants. It will challenge the creative juice of anyone in fact, but I do think it is a good way to visualise the good life for yourself.
Pic by Satish

Make a trailer or an advertisement (a mental one of course) of the ideal life as you see it for yourself. Say, a 10 second video. Start with the introduction or rather the titles - Presenting "The One Who Never Quit" (or some title that epitomises your story or wannabe story). And then - Starring "Yourself" (describe yourself as The Dashing Hero or Sizzling Heroine or whatever you want to describe yourself). And then flow into the body of the trailer. You in success. You in pain (current situation!). You in happiness walking through the forests, swimming the seas. You overcoming odds. You in riches. You enjoying life. You helping people. Then give your ad the end you want. You waving to the crowds and fading out. 'The Epic that Never Fades'.

The mental trailer or ad helps to see goals or outcomes of what one may want better than words which are evry limiting. It gives visuals, pictures, videos and add tremendous clarity to what one may want in life. Of course, the first cut won't be the best so you can make changes, add and delete and get to the one that makes you say, ha, that's what I want! Then boss, you have a story!

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