Friday, May 18, 2012

Thought for the Day - It's important to commit fully to one thing to find your purpose

To find our life purpose (or that one thing we're here for) it is important to commit to one thing fully. I find that we do not commit to any one aspect of our life because there are many conflicting areas - things we love against things we must do for a livelihood for example. If you wish to find that purpose, it may make sense to commit to one thing.  I personally never committed myself fully to my job nor my cricket. The only thing I have committed to fully was writing which came rather late.
Sunrise at Horsely Hills

For example a hobby (running, playing, reading, writing, singing) if pursued with total commitment could build enough energy even if you were doing it besides your regular job or academics. I did that with my writing for many years. That energy it builds as you push harder and higher would at some point align all your strengths and energies together.

If there is no hobby you could do it with your job or your academics with total commitment. When  I could not find the conviction to make the leap to write - I decided for a year to give my best shot at my job in a particular assignment. That one year taught me so much about the process of doing anything well (which is a prerequisite to getting anywhere good in the first place). And soon I found that that stint gave me the confidence to quit the job and then choose to write.

Since i have chosen to write I had to do a good job of it anyway. And once I started doing it to the best of my capability it opened up enough energy to align all my other skills, talents, qualifications. Funnily all the seemingly pointless things that we do in our lives add up in the big picture finally when we decide to do a good job with one.

To get them all together, for your best benefit, I feel that one driving passion is required. One passion that you fully commit to - before the doors open. Isn't it the same with love?

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