Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mumbai Indians loses to RCB

Mumbai Indians lost comprehensively to RCB yesterday. No last minute miracles like the last game for MI. The total that the star studded Mumbai Indians put up was pretty low at 142 - especially when you consider that they have a line up that goes deep. But Mumbai has been having its batting hiccups many times this season so it was not a big surprise for me.

I was glad to see Virat Kohli leading the RCB side because it gave them an extra edge, an extra intensity - this guy hates losing. Every game is war and he is constantly adapting. Whatever it is, his intensity seeped into the buccaneering Gayle with whom Kohli appears to have a a good equation going from the first season they played together. Clearly one of the more temperamental side, Mumbai Indians, appealed for everything, missed two clear run out chances against Dilshan and Gayle early on and dropped Gayle early in the game. Not the best way to defend a low total. I am also not sure that they do what every team needs to do make an impact this tournament - get the younger, local players to perform.

The experienced Gayle and Dilshan saw through the danger overs of Malinga who was given three overs on the trot by Harbhajan with attacking fields, hoping to get the breakthroughs. The duo milked R.P. Singh in one over and stayed put until Gayle went after Pragyan Ojha in one over with three sixes. Kohli played himself in after Dilshan's departure and got himself some much needed batting form which the side will need in the matches to come. All in all a comprehensive win for RCB. And few things to worry for MI.

The big pluses for RCB - Kohli's return to form, Gayle's wonderfully paced innings, the early breakthroughs by the medium pacers and tight bowling all round. Harshal Patel getting two key wickets was the kind of stuff you look for from your younger players. And good, attacking captaincy all through. For Mumbai there are several problems - not enough depth in the batting, fielding that was scratchy, too much reliance on Malinga to provide the breaks and it still does not look like a unit that is together. Much is required from the Mumbai support bowling as well. It would also help Mumbai to get the focus on the game instead of on field histrionics. There's no point needling guys like Gayle who can get stuck into you.

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