Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chota Bheem and the Curse of Damiyaan - Movie Review

And finally Anjali and I went to see one of her favourite cartoon characters 'Chota Bheem' in the animated movie 'Chota Bheema nd the curse of Damiyaan'. We headed off to Inox for the 11 a.m. show and armed ourselves with Coke and popcorn and seated ourselves. In a couple of minutes I realised that I had wasted an entire 150 bucks on Anjali's ticket  as she preferred to sit in my lap to watch the movie instead of sitting on her seat which she said was not comfortable. The hall was rather empty for the 11 a.m. show and we were surrounded by children accompanied by their parents - in most cases by both parents. Children's movies are watched by more parents than children it appears.

Anyway the Chota Bheem movie had all the familiar characters. Raja Indra Verma (his daughter Princess Indumati was missing though), Bheem, Jaggu, Chutki, Raju, Kalia, Dholu and Bholu and a new set of villains. This time a snaky magician from the underworld called Damiyaan is trapped in the underworld and needs Bheem to free him. So he sends his underworld type of guys to get Bheem and gang to the desert. The underworld snaky gang goes and lures the Raja with promises of gold and riches and so they all land up in the Sonepur village in the desert - and unwittingly free Damiyaan - which it turns out was as simple as digging up a bit in the desert and turning a key which anyone could ahve done. Now Damiyaan needs to be fought with magic (as he is a master magician) and Bheem and gang are taugth some magic by the good guru and finally Damiyaan and gang are vanquished. Bheem returns to Dholakpur a hero on his birthday!

I was not too happy with the movie and felt that the animation needs to be much better. Chota Bheem is a great character and the stories and characters deserve far better than what the makers put up. It's very two dimensional and a real apology when you compare it to some of the movies Hollywood makes (even the pathetic ones). Chota Bheem story is far better and has wide and loyal viewership and they could have made sequels if only this had been made better. Though the kids laughed and tittered at some places I am not sure it was any great experience for them. The story was a tad predictable and dragged along a bit. Rather unconvincing and I really do wish more effort had gone into making the movie. Chota Bheem did deserve much more.


Tina Ambani said...

My son likes Chhota Bheem very much !! Super star of kids Mr.Choota Bheem !!

Harimohan said...

I agree totally Tina. He is a wonderful character. Good for your son - Chhota Bheem will surely be around for a long time.