Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Deepika Padukone and the boys

It was amazing to watch the effect a beautiful woman can have on men. Gaurav Kapoor, the anchor flirted with her like an adolescent teenager, Jadeja was tongue tied and once, even let his eyes wander fleetingly along Deepika's long, long legs (which she chose to display by wearing some really small shorts) and even the veteran Harsha Bhogle was lost for words and quick comebacks and suffered a loss of composure. Total discomfort among the men as the lady stretched her long legs and sat most comfortably in the cricket studio as if she was shooting her next scene for a movie.

To say that Deepika held her own in a room where she was out numbered, out dressed (in terms of number of clothes, as against the tie and suit clad gentleman) and while talking of a game of which she knew pretty little as compared to the others there, would be an understatement. She was magnificent as she stayed true to herself and the men were reduced to watching her admiringly.

After yesterday I am of the view that her presence (or was it her clothes) should be banned from these IPL commentaries if she is going to have this kind of an effect on our anchors and commentators. Imagine what she can do to the players if she were in the party or even in the stadium. Deepika spoke of her favourite sports, her films, her favourite directors, IPL, watching matches live and so on without trying to sound more knowledgeable than she was. But what she did in that room had me shaking my head! Women!!

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