Friday, May 25, 2012

Thought for the Day - Do Everything Differently

What if we decided to do everything differently and not in the way we normally do. React differently I mean and do stuff. Like saying Yes to things we normally say No to and saying NO to things we normally say YES to. Small things of course and not stuff that kills you. Just enough to mess up the pattern in the mind.

Now what would you call that? I would call it loads of fun. Fun then, is probably not doing everything the same way and messing up the pattern once in a while - or rather - all the time.

It could also mess up several mental patterns in our head that give us certain outcomes in our lives. This could be one way of creating new outcomes, fun lives.

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Unknown said...

Good one to recollect. Thanks Hari for listing them. I remember visiting most of them. Not sure if they do exist anymore now. But really enjoyed visiting them. Those were the days.