Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's an Ad Mad World - Sanju, Sanju

Anyone who has seen the advertisement of a hysterical wife looking for her husband, screaming 'Sanju, Sanju' loudly and rushing into their home will know what this ad is all about. It is about the uncertainty of life - like finding your husband alive. And when there is uncertainty in life, you are expected to take life insurance!

The Story of the Killer Wife
Any number of times I watch it, this ad never fails to make me wonder if the wife (I am assuming it is the wife) is actually expecting him to be dead. Is she the killer? Her whole demeanour is that of a wife who wants her husband dead at the earliest. I mean, here is a guy who is really chilled out on a working day, reading a magazine, sleeping off happily without a care in the world. He is one of those who will live happily for a hundred years. But add the stress that this screeching, stressed out banshee piles on him needlessly, and then you have a different story. Also when she finds him alive she reacts with complete surprise - how did he survive? Survive what? The nap? I know wives could be dangerous to health, but this one is a sure killer. That guy Sanju (I hope he is Sanju) has no chance is she keeps up like this - she does not need a knife. Even I get stressed out watching the ad (and have also taken life insurance from Max!)

It is a sad tale really and touches the heart, ouch, let me rephrase it, touches you. A wife who loves her husband so much that she constantly expects to find him dead, a lazy husband who is shirking work and sleeping off at home and the only obvious solution - life insurance!

But seriously, the ad has strong recall value. A bit too dramatic. The ad has made a return after a while (is it the season for heart attacks!). But overall I generally liked the Max ads, right from the ones with Rahul Dravid and his fans who gave him tons of wonderful advise. This one does not compare with those for me, but it probably has a different agenda. I am always a bit confused with this ad though - is he unhealthy, is he expected to have a heart attack, is she always like this? Is it cheaper to get a divorce than buy life insurance in such cases?

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