Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Curious Case of Politics in Andhra Pradesh - MLAs Resign to Protest CBI Probe

The Andhra Pradesh politics is beyond me as almost all forms of politics are. But even to me this was a really curious case. Yesterday 29 MLAs resigned from the Andhra Pradesh assembly protesting CBI probes to the YSR Congress chief Jagan Mohan Reddy. That is fine. What is curious is that these MLAs belong to other parties like the Congress, TDP, PRP etc. But their allegiance is with the YSR Congress! How is that possible?

Now if their allegiance is with the YSR Congress why are they still with the other parties? Correct me if I am wrong but it appears that these MLAs will attend meetings with both parties. They will criticise the party they are in still, as they bear allegiance with the YSR Congress. Then why are they still with their party? They should be in the YSR Congress party right? Now the party in which they are does not seem to mind all these people criticising them and being in the opposition camp which is hostile to say the least to their interest. At the same time, the YSR Congress camp also does not seem to have any issue with their being in another party. It's rather confusing - to me at least. But that is politics.

What is even more curiouser is the reason why they are upset. They are upset that the CBI is conducting searches at the YSR Chief Jagan's house (how can they?), finding evidence (how can they do that?) and naming Jagan and his late father in the FIR (how can they?). I fail to understand what their indignation is about. The CBI will go by hard and solid evidence. The charges are not frivolous, the involve, misusing the government machinery to the tune of hundreds of crores for personal benefit. Serious charges hinting at large scale corruption at the state's cost.

Now resigning at this stage of the investigations can only indicate one thing. That the MLAs bearing 'allegiance' have been held back to negotiate with the government in the event the CBI raids should not occur. If they do - we will destabilise your government. Clearly the MLAs do not want the investigations to continue. Why? If there is nothing to hide, if everything is transparent, it should not be a problem right? But here, these public representatives are doing everything to stop all investigations and further investigations leading to an understanding of what really happened.

What they are doing is resigning in protest to protect what could be large scale corruption! To stop all transparency, all accountability! And using their resignations to blackmail the government! Astounding. Of course, the ones at the Centre are doing similar things to stall all transparency and accountability too.

What does one make of this? What kind of a Bill will save anyone from this? Anyway, a glimpse of AP politics for you. When instead of protesting and resigning for a clean, honest, fair and just government, you resign and protest to protect those accused of corruption!

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