Sunday, August 21, 2011

Only India Can Do This - Fantastic Country

One man, 73 years old, an ex-army man, not educated, not rich, no position, no organisational support, no affiliation to any known political or business party, no political status can - on the strength of his belief, his conviction - ask questions of the Government of India in a peaceful manner and be heard in a manner that mobilises thousands across the country. He keeps asking the questions, he does not back off until he is heard.

His belief and conviction catch public attention and probably for the first time we see thousands of real people congregating in open support at rallies. These people come on their own cost, brave rain and sun, sacrifice their earning opportunities for the day and support his cause peacefully. They all want an honest, clean, transparent accountable administration and governance.

And the entire country watches as these rallies go on peacefully. The Government allows it and the stage is set - not for confrontation but for discussion and some way forward. One man, in India, has this power. He can express - and all else too - can choose to express with him or differ. Not many countries can say that they can see things like this. Peaceful marches, fasts, rallies, candlelit walks.

Corruption may not go away in one moment, overnight, but if anything this movement shows the power of what this country can do in its unique manner. We can disagree, we can discuss, we can express. Tanks won't roll in. People won't be bundled away or shot. One needs no further proof of the power of democracy than this. Everyone, if they have the belief and the conviction, can be heard, can ask questions. If this seventy year old gentleman from a small village in Maharashtra can do it, so can everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Hari, very beautifully written. Yes its great that people can protest and no tanks will roll in and no one will be shot. Democracy is great. Power lies in the hands of elected officials. Thats where it should be. It should mot lie in the hands of an un-elected body.

Thats my problem with this bill.


Harimohan said...

It also allows for protest and public participation as the original Bill provides. It is after all the government of the people. There is a responsibility that the government is reluctant to fulfill, which is why it has reached this stage. What I cannot understand is why the reluctance for transparency? Why have you not been transparent all this while? What stops this transparency? This move should have come from the government and not the public. I sincerely hope they do their bit to ensure transparency even now.