Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hritik Roshan - Wonderful Message

I was watching the program 'Just Dance' the other day. Hritik Roshan was the judge on the show and he gave a message which was wonderful. He said that we must accept our good with the bad. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their fears, insecurities, secrets, desires. It is when we accept and love ourselves, with the good and the bad, and say yes, this is me, that we find peace. He further added that - if someone stood up and said that, this is me with all the pluses and minuses, and then another followed, this world would be a wonderful, peaceful place.

Hritik Roshan speaks much sense. I saw an interview of his last Sunday which also made much sense, peaceful warrior and all that. He appears like someone who wants to be himself despite all the glory and stardom. He seems to wear his heart on his sleeve. He also seems to want to walk the path despite ridicule - something that he says he has experienced much of anyway - and show that it is okay to be that way too. You don't have to always be the star, act and behave the star - you can be yourself. Then you are really the star - you don't have to try to be one.


Rajendra said...

Abhay Deol also appears to be a man with a head on his shoulders- not high in the air. Nandita Das too, among the female actors.

Anonymous said...

This is reminding me of the heroes in 'Flags of our fathers'.