Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thought for the Day - Creativity and Fearlessness

Is creativity to do with a lack of fear? I would think so. Why do people easily transcend boundaries and dare to look beyond into spaces, angles, worlds that no one has seen? Why do they not fear to examine thoughts never thought before, push the envelope? Why do they dare to dream so far, so wide, so high?

It certainly is fearlessness in its element. Most of us do not create because we fear. We do not want to see. We in fact cannot see. Fear blinds us. And hence we stick to the straight and narrow. We modify existing thoughts. We steal existing thoughts and hide behind copyright laws. We create nothing, as someone said, we merely plagiarise nature.

But the one who creates stuff that amazes the world with sheer audacity - he is the one who dares to go where no others have. He is the one who risks everything and still laughs at the world for not having the guts to go where he has. He is the one who can see that the world is full of blind people who have the power but cannot see.

Being corrupt, dishonest, valueless, insensitive etc are all different ways of being uncreative. The power of knowledge lies in the fact that it can create - honestly. A real creation that makes the world stand up and applaud by sheer brilliance, by its courage, its audacity.

For those who argue in favour of the world not working with the right values and ethics, I only say, don't insult your intelligence. For the one who has not had the opportunity to use it, that way could be the only way he knows. The uncreative manner. But if you really have the intelligence, the ba##s, show it through original, real creation. All else is accumulation and robbery!

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