Monday, August 29, 2011

It's an Ad Mad World - Reliance Net Connect

An ad that stands out above the rest these days is the one about Reliance Net Connect. The ads are based purely on grabbing your attention by putting the models in life and death situations with little time and only a Reliance Net Connect to help them. One is about a guy who is tied up in a car and a train is approaching, another about a girl who is in a car that catches fire and there is one more that I cannot remember.

The story
So there are people who get into this situation willingly, I presume its a reality show, and waiting to be killed. The first guy is tied up with some complex knot and a train is approaching. He somehow gets the laptop started (how did he get it started so quickly?) puts the Reliance Net Connect and is connected. Now this is where my problem starts. How does he know which knot is on his hand? Even if he did, I'd like to put the guy who made this ad in that situation and see how he gets out so quick.

Similarly the girl who is driving her car finds that the boot of the car has blown up. Her only option is the laptop and Reliance Net Connect. She quickly logs on even as she is driving and finds out where the nearest fire station is. The firemen put out the fire. But how about something simple like getting out of the car? What if there was traffic on the way? What if the car just blew up as she was driving? And what if the firemen were away at lunch?

The Verdict
The ads do convey the super speed of Reliance Net Connect. That much gets conveyed pretty clearly. I'd think I'd have no problem with the ads if I was Reliance since I'd have established that one USP well. I don't mind pushing the envelope here for the sake of getting the message across. However, if I were in a situation similar to that, I'd do certain things a little differently. Like opening the door to my car and getting out when it catches fire. My laptop takes an hour to even get started.

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