Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anjali - The Art of Winning

While playing with Anjali today I was told one of the most powerful theries on the Art of Winning. Noticing that I was losing all the little races we were running at home she turned and encouraged me and said 'It's okay nanna, just keep practising. You will win sometime.'

I played along with her and after a couple of races caught up with her. The coach gave me a knowing smile. 'See? Practice.'

When we sat down I asked her how she figured out how to win. 'I know how to win nanna!' declared the little coach confidently, all the knowledge of the world tucked away in her mind. What is it I asked eagerly. 'Keep trying nanna,' she said simply. 'You will win sometime.'

Thanks Coach.


Rajendra said...

a great one from a little one.

Kiran Kumar Gutta said...

Cute one.
I think the Title could be Anjali – Youngest Coach ever.
How about arranging Anjali pep talk with Dhoni and his team???