Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thought for the Day - Why We Want to be the Same

It's intriguing why despite being so different from one another, we all crave to be the same. In this sameness, there is a comfort. We are no aberration. We are safe.

And in this sameness we lose what we really are. We hide deeper within ourselves. We are scared to move. We are scared to act. We are scared to think. And we are scared to speak. In sameness, we die.

If on the other hand we choose to be our own unique selves, we are no longer bound by the sameness. We can think and act differently. Like how we were meant to. To be true to the uniqueness is what makes us different, is what integrity is. It is also seen perhaps mistakenly as being 'creative' when all you are being is you.

Maybe there is a case to be more of the unique you. And less of being the same as others. It could be a very freeing perspective.

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