Friday, May 6, 2011

It's an ad, mad world - Meethe mein kuch ho jaye

I liked the idea that Cadbury had to reposition the chocolate bar as mithai, and that too post-meal mithai, by breaking it into small mithai shaped squares. Its a nice new use to the chocolate bar which was earlier used only as a premium event mithai - for girlfriends, on special occasions, for special people - now we can have it post meal and everyone can have their bar as well. As an idea to reposition the chocolate it is fantastic.

Anyway the Cadbury family is a bunch of people who are generally eating yesterday's stuff or the kind of stuff no one wants to eat. Which is healthy stuff and the kind of stuff that real kanjoos families make like yesterday's bhaji. Now this family is generally put off by the menu or perhaps the culinary skills of the amma of the house and is generally rushing out of the house to get a decent meal. There is one guy who looks like he is one of the earning members of the house and he asks his wife (I am presuming) what there is for dinner and she playfully sprays him with some water and informs him that there is karela for dinner. At which the youngster loses his enthusiasm for life but still persists and asks her what they have for meetha and she laughs coquettishly. Now at that stage of the campaign I was wondering what a karela eating family was doing stocking chocolates - I mean health or unhealth, cheap or expensive - they have to be true to one thing. And the way the daughter in law sashays and play with her husband it almost resembled a luxury condom ad. But then in subsequent ads it is revealed that the whole idea is that this family has only karela, lauki and such stuff to eat, the mother is the culprit, there is an ugly sister, a slightly frustrated wife- your regualr dysfunctional family. Anyway they are all happy with an everlasting stock of chocolate at home which they eat after every karela or lauki meal.

Brand sticks in the head, the repositioning idea is good. Only issue is that the stories could be sharper and more focused instead of going off into sub stories making the viewers wonder if its about chocolate or contraceptives. Or they could go another step and say meethe ke baad kya hai and actually sell contraceptives as well.

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Rajendra said...

a 2-in-1 ad? That's a real innovation.