Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anjali - A lesson in Comfort

I was in a regular dilemma. What to wear. These days I ask Anjali and she promptly and with great clarity and confidence suggests some shirt or T shirt to wear. So when I asked her today whether the t-short I was wearing was fine or should I change it for another before went out, I got a long lesson in how to pick what you want to wear.

'First show me what are the other shorts you want to wear,' said the three and a half year old. I complied. But as I was rummaging through the shirts she is behind me - 'Look for something that does not poke you, something that is soft.' It is a big thing for her that clothes should not be poky. Makes sense. So I gave up on one of the stylish shirts (or so I thought) and chose a plain white one. She felt it and nodded.

I asked her again if I could go with it and whether it was now final that my t shirt which I originally wore was out of the picture. Pat came the answer. 'Nanna, first wear that shirt. You wear it and then if it is not poky and soft then only you wear it. But first wear it.'

Ah, if only I had this wisdom while I bought my many shirts, pants, shoes, socks, ideologies, philosophies. Anyway, better late than never. So here I am going out with a shirt that may not look as good, but very comfortable. Which might make me smile a bit more at life!

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