Friday, May 6, 2011

It's an ad, mad world - Zoo Zoos

For sheer brand recall, clarity of message, creativity and an assured smile, the Zoo Zoos take it all away. Vodafone's campaign is brilliant and the execution even more so. The superman of Vodafone unfortunately beats the superman of Idea in this respect at least and is so much more loveable. Whether he is doing a Rajnikanth by splitting his bowling ball into two and finishing off his game in style, delivering mail to people all over the world at super fast speed, flying off casually to meet his other super friends on another planet or whatever other things that he does, the Zoo Zoo is immensely watchable and loveable.

There will be no stories on good ads. So what do I take away. That the Zoo Zoos represent Vodafone is clear. That the superman is doing something related to mobile services is even more clear. That the superman is really super duper is even more clear because we can see him doing it - not telling it. The best thing about the Zoo Zoos is that they say it like it is, keep the message clear and simple and do not confuse the issue. My vote for this brilliant campaign any day!

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