Friday, May 6, 2011

Airtel DTH - Amazingly Bad Service

How does this company survive? With competition promising to install the dish even before you reach home, Airtel took more than a month after I made the payment. or perhaps they treat the 'scheme' gusy differently in which case Sony Bravia needs to be dragged into this too because this unnecessary scheme came along with the Bravia. I would have been much happier finding my own DTH like a Tata Sky which I think I prefer (and might still go for).

A whole month after getting paid the DTH guys made some ten calls promising time, some 15 SMSs informing us that the complains and requests have been noted and that engineers would descended on - would you like 130 or 230 - which shocked us. Wow, when thy get going they can be pretty disciplined we thought. But the engineers sadly did not share the same enthusiasm and came after a couple of days. However they kept calling every now and then to see if we would answer the phone.

Now they came and set it up in an hour or more and quickly explained all the stuff and pushed off. When I tried playing the video i turns out that the engineers had done some reengineering and stuck some of those one thousand connections in the wrong ports making the colour videos go back and white. Come on guys! I had to pull off the whole thing and figure out and set right what was ok in the first place. And then the activation would not happen for a couple of days. And after activation it just goes off warranting another run in with the call centre which is filled with customer care execs who have plenty of time on their hands and assume you do too. So we had long silences between us as if we were lovers in a tiff and then they finally told me that the engineers are coming. This time I will video tape the entire operation so I know what they pulled out and what they connected!

Anyway, this whole experience is getting bad on me and I might just go off Airtel. I can even carry my mobile number off as well!

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