Monday, May 2, 2011

The Great Indian Certification Committee

I am always amused at the way eminent members of our society instantly stand up and certify someone they know as 'innocent' or as of the 'highest moral order'. Several times I have heard ministers and chief  ministers certifying their friends and supporters as not guilty despite the fact that they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

The other day I saw one speech or article by Arundhati Roy who certified that Prashant Bhushan is pretty much above all things because she knew him for a long time. And in the same speech she was deeply critical of Anna Hazare because he had certified Narendra Modi as being someone who did some good work. And of course her favourite whipping boys - the government and the corporate houses who have conspired against the tribals. Funnily I read somewhere that she had occupied some tribal land herself and built a house there unauthorisedly. Every time I see or read Arundhati Roy these days she falls a bit more in my eyes. This was one woman I really admired even before the Booker Prize. I was really impressed with the way she lived her life, her 'In which Annie gives it those ones' etc. 'The God of Small Things' was my first disappointment and I thought maybe the book was too cerebral for me. But slowly the sheen came off as I heard her rave and rant and get into pointless, useless issues and controversies, write pretty articles that were too one sided and without a solution. Dams, mining, naxals..she had a varied and intermittent involvement with them. Never taking anything seriously enough or long enough to make a difference. And reducing herself to be a rabblerouser.   

Sometime recently I also saw several cricketers advocating that the Bharat Ratna be conferred on Sachin Tendulkar. Now knowing how limited our cricketers are in terms of their understanding of things of such nature I was surprised at their recommendations. Maybe they will recommend the the O.B.E. on the next English tour. They do surprise me, the cricketers. Ideally I think they ought to play and talk cricket and let other things for the concerned people. Or for that matter the issue of Sania Mirza who very wisely pointed out that the time is ripe for India-Pakistan cricket matches because you see, everyone likes them. Why this young lady decided that she better advise the foreign ministry on their stickiest problem is something we will never know but she did her part.

Which brings us to the central point. How everyone is recommending or certifying things left right and centre. From intellectuals to the not-so-intellectuals, the page 3s  to the page 30s this is the time to express yourself. And if no one is willing to listen, start a blog!


Rajendra said...

I hereby certify your blog as eminently readable!

Harimohan said...

Thanks Raja. I guess I was asking for that.