Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's an ad, mad world - Brrr

I find this ad by Coke and the next one by Pepsi very irritating. I am sure many have. I cannot believe that the ad agencies actually made money on this by selling them to Coke and Pepsi and telling them that the entire nation would now be going around making Brrrr sounds and dancing and drinking Coca Cola and Pepsi. I also sympathise a bit with the cricketers because they are inane and idiotic.

The Brrr Conspiracy
So then this is the story of a bunch of cricketers are in great danger. They believe that by uncorking Coke bottles and looking for the highly intelligent Brrrr sign so they can get the coke free. Most are so enthused with this form of entertainment that they are all going Brrrr like there is no tomorrow. Now here is the twist in the story. Why would people go Brr when they drink a soft drink? Is there some new foreign element in it? Does it cause some mental disturbance? Or some physical disturbance? I have never seen anyone go Brrr like this as if there was an alien inside them (actually I saw something like this in the movie Alien many years ago). It is time for some serious research by the food and beverage guys. The poor guys need some medical help. And we cannot afford to lose our valuable cricketers this way.

The Indian Te am and the Blackmailer
In the other ad three healthy and robust cricketers are being blackmailed by one scrawny kid who is barely out of his teens and does not even have a moustache. The kid takes away the hardworking cricketers' Pepsi like a villain in a movie and when they ask for it tells them to do a jhatkaj, matak and ghatak. There were times like when Gabbar requests Basanti to dance that villains have made hapless heroines dance like this but this is new. Having men, and that too fully grown up men dance for a coke bottle by a young kid who repeatedly teases them was certainly rather upsetting for me because we thought these guys were heroes. Once again our Indian team ka izzat is at stake and I suggest that someone file a compliant with the police and arrest that blackmailing kid before our cricketers loosen a hip joint or die of thirst or something. Once again our team which has just won the World Cup is in danger and I request the authorities to intervene.

Both ads, obviously focused at our youth do not say much in terms of their intelligence or maturity. I find it difficult to believe that all things irreverent are youthful or appeal to the youth. Fun is good, a sense of mischief is fine but this did not impress me at all. More creativity needed guys to make it really top class and appealing. Nothing in the ad makes me want to buy it that's for sure.

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