Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dumb Questions on Telly

I heard this pretty anchor ask a cricketer at an IPL game yesterday (and in so many other matches before) this wonderful question:
"So the opposition got 160 runs. Do you think you can get it?"
I am waiting for the first guy who will say "No. it is just not possible. We are thinking of conceding the match and going home in a few minutes."
Please someone say it.

Another question the excited anchors have when a team wins an IPL match is this. "So you are really going to have a party till late night I suppose?"
Normally all the cricketers act a bit shy at all this party-sharty talk and say "We cannot reveal the details but yes, there will be some celebrations tonight".
I am waiting for someone to tell the super excited anchors who seem to have some voyeuristic excitement at the thought of these wild parties that "Maybe you should come along too and see what kind of partying we do. It is 12 in the night already if you have not noticed."

I am planning to compile some more dumb questions as I come upon them before they are lost for our future generations.

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