Friday, May 6, 2011

It's an ad, mad world - 3G

I am completely flummoxed by most of the ads these days. Very few make sense to me. The ones that do appear to choose a complex route to do it. After all the trouble they have taken to make the ad and make the star and super stars dance to their tunes - if they cannot even leave me with the name of the brand then there is a problem somewhere. Anyway I choose to make my own stories based on the ads I have seen. My first story is of Idea 3G which I have been bombarded with for a while now.

This is the story of three identical looking middle aged men. Their names I presume are 1g, 2g and 3 g. 1g is the slightly challenged chap, 2g is somewhere in between doing nothing and 3g is the superhero. Something like Rainman, only with 3 people and the superhero is the other guy not 1g. Now it appears that 1g and 2g are closer to one another and they are often caught in situations. Once they are in hospital with their legs broken and kept in cast but they want to play football (most likely their legs have been broken while playing football and knowing the kind of footwork these gentlemen have, we can understand). 1g and 2g are wondering how when 3g comes up and offers them a mobile game and they are all happy. Another time 1g and 2g are at a bus stop waiting for a bus to watch an IPL match and are sad that no bus is coming when 3g comes and shows them the match on his mobile. 1g and 2g give up the match. Another time they are talking to somebody's wife on the phone and are glad that they have her in their control. 3g appears to be saying that he can do everything better, though remotely, for some reason. 1g and 2g have no clue about anything anyway. They are the ones who have no idea while 3g is the one who has the idea. Hopefully the three brothers stay together happily ever after and one hopes that maybe just having 3g might serve the purpose better. 1g and 2g can be sent to their respective institutions.

One way or the other this ad got the message across thanks to the brand association of Abhishek Bachchan with idea. But I think they got it right only when they got to the 'get an idea' campaign (though one wonders if the network is really that good). In the 3g ads, the penny properly dropped only in the 'loading, loading' ad which directly addressed the issue of speed and did not confuse the issue with cricket matches, wives and football.


Rajendra said...

Adwise, Vodafone zoo-zoo ads are anyday more watchable.

Harimohan said...

Oh yes, I will write about them next. They beat the 3g superman any day!